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Censec, Inc., an emerging contractor to the federal government, is an established Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned information technology and consulting firm, providing comprehensive, quality technology solutions, human resources and management consulting to the Federal government and private sector. Censec is a dynamic, fast-growing firm that seeks qualified IT, Human Resources and Management professionals. We look for people who are skilled, professional, ambitious, inquisitive and creative--who want to work where their skills and abilities get utilized and appreciated.

We take great pride in our customers and employees. We know the only way to get and keep the best clients is to hire and retain the best employees. If you are intelligent, highly-motivated, and enjoy making a difference, then please send your resume to us at careers@censecinc.com.

Censec is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Changing demographics and an increased focus on globalization have created a diverse workforce and customer base. Censec, Inc. is committed to inclusion in all company-sponsored activities, including hiring, without discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, physical ability, religious beliefs, age, ethnicity or U.S. military or veteran status. In accordance with federal, state and local laws, we recruit, hire, promote, and evaluate all personnel without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, physical or mental disability, or past, present, or future status in the uniformed services of the United States. We provide equal opportunity for the development and advancement of all of our employees based on individual aptitude and capabilities. Job applicants and present employees are evaluated solely on ability, experience, and the requirements of the job.

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